Magic Bound
Cast of Characters

Melika Reylan

Melika, who prefers to go by Mel, is the daughter of Nathan Reylan and Eileen Hayes. Like her father, she was born with no magical talents, although her father's family were quite talented. Unlike her father, Mel eventually took the dangerous and extremely difficult steps necessary to force the ability to wield magic on herself. After her mother and father's deaths she lived with her uncle, Keith Reylan, until she turned eighteen. Once she left his house she began a very successful career as a thief in Jeff Walton's criminal organization.

Tyler Brannan

Ty's parents are friends of Keith Reylan, and Ty has been working for him since shortly after he joined the Kin. His talent is not significant enough to warrant a seat on the Gathering, nor is his ambition, but he is expected to gain a significant position in the Kin's structure. He befriended Mel Reylan when she came to live with Keith Reylan after her parents died and he has cared for her ever since, even after the revelation of her criminal activities.

Keith Reylan

Keith is the son of Connor Reylan and Claudia Drakeley and the brother of Nathan Reylan. He is currently serving on the Major Gathering and is third in line below the Master of the Major Gathering.

Caitlin Reylan

Caitlin is Melika Reylan's older sister. Her magical talent is such that she is expected to eventually gain a seat on the Minor Gathering, and perhaps even the Major.

Damian Knighton

Damian is the Master of the Major Gathering, the ultimate authority over the Kin's Western Region. As required by his position his magical talent is extremely powerful.

Jeffrey Walton

Jeff Walton took over the Phoenix criminal organization seventeen years ago at age thirty-one after spending three years as Baron of the White division. He is well-respected and is expected to continue leading Phoenix for a long time to come.

Alex Trafton

Alex was given the position of Advisor to Jeff Walton nine years ago. He had not previously held any position in the Phoenix organization.

Robert Conlin

Robert is a former associate of Jeff Walton but has never been a member of the Phoenix organization. Five years ago Melika Reylan attacked him to stop his plan to use magic-infused pearls she stole for him to release some of Puget Sound's magic for his own ends. He was nearly killed and chose for those five years to allow everyone to think he had truly died.


Wren is a Weaver who, for reasons unknown, is currently passing as a human and working in the White division of Phoenix.