Magic Bound
About Andrea McElwain

Andrea McElwainWhen Andrea was about twelve years old her father read the Lord of the Rings to her and her nine-year-old brother. After this she decided that she was going to write a story too. She started one, but for a few years she spent more time drawing the layout of the castle and the girls’ dresses than she did writing.

Fifteen years later Andrea decided to get serious about this writing thing. An epic fantasy that she worked on for a couple years fizzled out, and she thought she’d try continuing a half-chapter that she’d scribbled down a few months before after watching the Dresden Files. To her surprise, contemporary fantasy worked much better for her, especially after she started devouring every book she could get her hands on in the urban fantasy genre. Now she couldn’t imagine writing anything else.

An earlier draft of Magic Bound took third place in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association annual literary contest, under the title Magic on the Loose.

Andrea enjoys reading, cross-stitch, medieval reenactment, parrots, astronomy, cheesecake, mead, the ocean, thunderstorms, and her daughter. She lives on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, and feels very fortunate when she looks out over the water at the mountains and remembers that people pay good money to visit a place like this.

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